CSSN Launch Videos–Fall, 2020

Dr. Timmons Roberts – Launch Introduction
This talk provides an overview of the origins and goals of CSSN, including the role of working groups in the development of ongoing research efforts.
U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – The Need for CSSN
Senator Whitehouse provides a discussion of the need for ongoing research into organized efforts to oppose climate action and its importance for climate liability litigation and ongoing Congressional action.
Dr. Riley Dunlap – A History of Climate Opposition Research
Dr. Riley Dunlap, a pioneer in the development of research into organized opposition to climate action and its impact on public opinion, provides a historical talk on the development of scholarship in this area.
Dr. Robert Brulle – Research Agenda:
This talk provides a short overview of the key areas that CSSN plans to focus its research efforts.
Dr. Dov Sax – IBES and CSSN
This talk, by the director of IBES, provides an overview of the importance of CSSN in the overall development of Brown’s environmental programs.