Global Climate Misinformation Network

PI: Dr. Robert J. Brulle
For over three decades, there has been a well-documented effort to obstruct climate action through the promulgation of climate misinformation. Its institutional makeup has been the topic of sporadic academic research. This project aims at a three year global study of this network through 1) conducting a census of the key organizations involved in each country, 2) analysis of the relationships between these organizations, 3) detail the funding of these organizations and 4) analyze the factors that explain the national variation in climate misinformation efforts. An initial project would be carried out in the U.S. in 2020 – 2021 academic year to develop methods and practices for standardization across other countries. Additionally, a team of international scholars would be recruited to carry out this research, with efforts (contingent on funding) starting in other countries in Fall 2021, with initial results available in the Summer 2022 and final results in Summer 2023.