The Corporate Philanthropy of Major Oil Companies 1980 – 2018

PI: Dr. Robert J. Brulle
All of the major oil companies in the U.S. have extensive corporate foundation efforts to fund a wide variety of activities, with the aim of shaping their external social and political environment to be convergent with their corporate and overall sector interests. These efforts have impacted the cultural understanding and political responses to climate change. Yet, there is only sporadic academic inquiry into this area. This project aims at a two year effort to examine the patterns and structural factors driving these efforts. This project involves the compilation of a data set of corporate philanthropic contributions, collection of data of factors theorized to influence corporate philanthropy, and analysis of the structural features that influence the philanthropy of these corporations. Due to the workload involved, the first year focuses on Exxon Mobil, and the second year focuses on the other four major oil companies.