Photo of Lise Benoist

Lise Benoist

Chalmers University

Lise Benoist graduated from the MSc in Human Ecology – Culture, Power, Sustainability at Lund University. Since August 2019, she is a member of the Zetkin Collective, a group of researchers and activists who investigate the political ecology of the far right worldwide. Together they published White Skin, Black Fuel: on the dangers of fossil fascism (Verso, 2021). Lise’s research focuses on the ecologies of the French far right and she is especially interested in climate denialism, green nationalism, identitarian ecology, integral ecology and survivalism, and their implications for climate and environmental justice. Lise currently works as a research assistant at Chalmers University.


Benoist, L., forthcoming 2022. “Nationalisme Vert”, in A. Berlan, G. Carbou, L. Teulières (eds), Greenwashing – Manuel pour dépolluer le débat public, Seuil, Série Anthropocène.

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