Logo for Climate Social Science Network (CSSN)

About Us

CSSN promotes research and scholarship in the field of climate politics.

We facilitate an international network of climate scholars, host events and provide grants to scholars to promote research focused on understanding political conflict over climate change. Scholars in our network are social scientists producing peer-reviewed research and collaborating in this field.

CSSN also serves as an informational resource for journalists, policy professionals, litigation teams and others.

CSSN was launched in October 2020 and is headquartered at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society.

Our Research Agenda

To develop an integrated understanding of climate change political action, CSSN’s research agenda focuses on four key questions:

  1. What organizations are engaged in this effort?
  2. What activities do these organizations engage in?
  3. How do these activities impact media and public understanding of climate change?
  4. What impact do these activities have on climate policy?


CSSN is led by Dr. Timmons Roberts, Executive Director; Dr. Robert Brulle, Director of Research; and Dr. Jennifer Jacquet, Associate Director of Research.