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The CSSN Scholar community is a vibrant group of climate social science experts with academic backgrounds.

Spanning five continents, our scholars are the engine that drives our impact. Individually and through partnerships across the network, they advance our understanding of climate obstruction and climate change politics.

CSSN scholars take part in events, seminars and trainings. They collaborate on research and participate in our working groups. They also represent CSSN at international climate conferences, advise governments and legal / policy professionals, and serve as media experts.

News and Research

CSSN scholars contribute their research and expertise to help advance the field.

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CSSN Scholar Publications

Through a case study of MAX Burgers AB, CSSN scholars Kirstine Lund Christiansen…

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CSSN Scholar Publications

Join the Climate Social Science Network for the Climate Obstruction in 2023 Conference…


Our scholars enjoy an active community of like-minded professionals who support each others’ research. CSSN scholars also have exclusive access to educational and networking events, conferences, grant opportunities, working groups and more.

Scholar benefits include:

  • Bi-annual research grant opportunities
  • Membership to the CSSN listserv with other scholars
  • Monthly research talks and regular skills trainings
  • Communications support for scholarly research
  • Invitation to CSSN’s annual conference
  • Networking events

Interested in becoming a CSSN Scholar?

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