Logo for Climate Social Science Network (CSSN)


Funding research on climate obstruction is central to CSSN’s mission.

Nearly two thirds of CSSN’s annual budget is dedicated to grant funding for academic researchers. To date, we’ve funded dozens of projects that contribute new insights to the growing field of climate social science.

Our research agenda focuses on the following areas:

Organizational Relationships

Develop an understanding of the key organizational actors in climate change political action, both domestically and internationally, and their relationships with one another, including funding and contracting relationships, overlapping board memberships, and collaborative efforts. These include organizational entities such as advocacy organizations, think tanks, trade associations, ad hoc coalitions, corporations, foundations, universities, and public relations firms.

Advocacy Efforts

Chart the origin, nature, and extent of climate change political activity. This includes activities such as lobbying, political contributions, advertising campaigns, corporate promotion and public relations campaigns, grassroots mobilization, and media outreach efforts.

Cultural and Media Impacts

Understand how organizational efforts impact cultural, intellectual, and media discourse on climate change, and how this coverage impacts public and elite understanding of this issue, and its impacts on the political process.

Decision Making Process

Examine the process of establishing climate and energy policy and how institutional actors influence governance decisions that impact on climate change.

Cross-area Data Gathering

Compile and promulgate data sets and information that supports this research agenda.

CSSN Grants are open exclusively to our CSSN Scholar community. Grant proposals are invited once per year and are listed on our Requests for Proposals page.