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Climate Obstruction Across Europe

May 22-24, 2024 | Online

CSSN held its annual online conference this past week, where scholars discussed the complex landscape of climate obstructionism across Europe. Over three days, esteemed authors and experts dissected the nuances of climate obstruction in various European countries, exploring divergent perspectives, commonalities, and implications for global climate action.

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Day 1

  • Panel 1: Germany, Italy, Spain
  • Panel 2: Sweden, the Netherlands, the EU

Day 2

  • Panel 3: Poland, Czechia, Ireland
  • Panel 4: UK, Scotland, Russia
  • Panel 5: Synthesis, Discussion, Next Steps

Climate Obstruction at the State Level as the Inflation Reduction Act Moves to Implementation

September 8, 2022 | Online

Now that the Inflation Reduction Act has been signed into law, attention has turned to the states as they look to implement this transformational law. Scholars from the Climate Social Science Network shared insights on opportunities and challenges for states, reception and lobbying by important interest groups such as fossil fuel communities and utilities, and how opponents of climate action may seek to impede or delay implementation.

Brazil after Bolsonaro: Climate Challenges Ahead of Us

December 1, 2022 | Online

A research talk from Climate Social Science Network Carlos Milani, Professor of International Relations and Vice-Director, Institute for Social and Political Studies, Rio de Janeiro State University on what to expect in Brazil after its recent presidential election.

Global Climate Governance in the Face of Obstruction Conference

June 8 – 10, 2022 | Online

The Climate Social Science Network (CSSN) partnered with the Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik / German Development Institute (DIE) on a 3-day conference on climate obstruction timed with UNFCCC’s Subsidiary Body sessions (SB-56) in Bonn, 6-16 June 2022.

June 8 Sessions Include

  • The Structure of Climate Obstruction and the Critical Role of Climate Social Science
  • National Contexts of Climate Obstruction
  • Climate Negotiations and the Role of the Fossil Fuel Industry

June 9 Sessions Include

  • Obstruction in the International Political Economy of Climate Governance
  • Loss and Damage: What Stands in the Way of Progress and What is Needed to Move Ahead

June 10 Sessions Include

“Reflections from the Science/Activism Frontier: The Case of Solar Geoengineering” Research talk by Frank Biermann, Utrecht University