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Our research delivers insights on the politics of climate change, providing deeper understanding of the factors obstructing action around the world.

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Climate Obstruction Across Europe

From denial to delay, climate obstruction tactics appear to be thriving. Climate Obstruction Across Europe, coordinated by the Climate Social Science Network (CSSN) and published via Oxford University Press, reveals extensive networks impeding climate action within the region and surrounding states.

Collage image of European landmarks amidst climate destruction elements
Long line of cars stuck in traffic producing emissions.

Advancing action on climate change requires research on the actors that oppose progress.

CSSN sheds light on the actors and organizations engaged in climate obstruction–who they are, their characteristics, motivations, funding and tactics. We advance research on how these climate obstruction activities have an impact on the media and public understanding of climate change, and how they affect climate policy.

CSSN Scholars

The CSSN Scholar Community is a vibrant group of climate experts. Our Scholars are the heart of our work and the engine that drives our impact. They’re based all over the world and specialize in a variety of focus areas and country-specific topics.

CSSN scholars enjoying dinner together during an event

CSSN brings scholars together for collaboration, events, support and projects that advance our understanding of climate obstruction and climate change politics.

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Grants and Fellowships

Support and Advancement

We foster research on global climate obstruction by awarding grants and fellowships.

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Large presentation audience shot at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Berlin, Germany


Networking and Education

Learn about upcoming Climate Social Science Network events and other events featuring CSSN Scholars.

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Working Groups and Projects

Furthering Research

CSSN scholars collaborate on research efforts through self-organized working groups.

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Need assistance? Contact us if you’re interested in connecting with scholars, learning more about our work, or if you have a media request.

News and Research

Check out the latest research and media appearances from Climate Social Science Network scholars.

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CSSN Scholar Publications

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CSSN Scholar Publications

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