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Climate Obstruction Across Europe


The effort to address climate change has been inadequate, in spite of decades of work and growing certainty on the science, technology, and policy solutions. A key reason is the lack of understanding of organizations obstructing climate action. This year’s CSSN conference features eleven national studies of climate obstruction across Europe and a study of influence […]

Sustainability Governance in the Anthropocene: A Symposium


How can we manage major challenges like climate change, food security, and biodiversity loss in the face of accelerating human pressure, increasing complexity, and persistent inequality? Join us for a day-long symposium featuring globally renowned social scientists discussing how different governance systems are experimenting, learning, failing, and succeeding at managing resources under stress.

Studying Policy Obstruction Around the Globe: Lessons from Climate Change Policy


Various forms of opposition (denial, delay and other forms of obstruction) to ambitious climate policy are the single most important reason for the lack of sufficient progress to meet the Paris treaty goals and climate efforts more generally. Since time is critical in climate politics and the window of opportunity to avoid dangerous climate change […]