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CSSN Request for Proposals: Essays on Climate Obstruction in Europe

September 23, 2022

CSSN Request for Proposals for Commissioned Essays: Climate Obstruction in Europe

The Climate Social Science Network, headquartered at Brown University, announces its interest in commissioning essays summarizing climate obstruction efforts in Europe.  This project seeks to summarize the state of knowledge of climate obstruction efforts in Europe in a volume edited by Dr. Robert Brulle.  The volume will consist of approximately ten essays, each 10,000 words in length, on a country or geographic region in Europe.  Contributions will follow a consistent structure that will provide a comprehensive overview of climate obstruction efforts, including provision of:

1) a historical description of climate obstruction in the area,

2) an analysis and description of the major actors and type of institutions involved,

3)  the strategies and tactics utilized, and

4) the discursive framings.

Because of the high variability of peer reviewed literature across geographic areas, scholars will need to utilize and go beyond academic literatures to media, ngo, and government reports, as well as reviewing online web pages. To ensure a consistent format and readability of the collected essays, the editor, working with a professional editorial staff, will edit the essays to have a consistent structure and tone.

Initial areas of interest include Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, France, Portugal/Spain, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Poland.  However, there is no fixed structure to the geographic distribution covered in the essays, and scholars are encouraged to submit other area specific proposals for consideration.  In addition, a chapter summarizing the overall efforts and trajectory of climate mitigation and obstruction efforts in Europe and at the EU is desired.

Funded scholars will be expected to adhere to the following schedule:

  • February 2023  Online presentation of first draft of essay to author team
  • April 1, 2023  Submission of completed essay for review
  • April – May 2023  Essay Reviews – Each author will be expected to review two other essays.
  • June 2023  Completion of Editorial Review
  • August 2023  Submission of revised essay
  • September – October 2023  Completion of final editorial review and submission for publication.

Author teams will receive $10,000 total, upon completion of the essay.

Applicants should submit a maximum two-page research proposal containing the following items:

  1. Abstract describing the overall essay – this should address each of the four items for the essay described above.
  2. Key sources of material for the essay

This call for proposals is open to all members of the Climate Social Science Network. The application must be received by November 1st, 2022.  Apply online: https://forms.gle/588xrWRNYFcPujZv9

Please contact Dr. Robert Brulle directly with any questions (robert_brulle@brown.edu).