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CSSN Research Report 2022:1: Climate-Washing Litigation: Legal Liability for Misleading Climate Communications

January 13, 2022

This research report aims to enhance the legal community’s understanding of climate-related ‘greenwashing’ litigation. The report analyses this type of litigation, which can also be described as ‘climate-washing’ litigation, by examining key cases and developments, particularly cases and complaints brought against the largest emitters of greenhouse gases (predominantly non-state actors). The paper is designed to address the lack of examination of this specific type of litigation to date by:

  • Defining greenwashing in more detail, plus climate-washing and climate-washing litigation.
  • Providing an in-depth review of actual and potential climate-washing cases, classified according to the type of misleading statements upon which such cases are based.
  • Offering practical recommendations for various actors in the context of climate-washing.


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