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CSSN Scholar Ina Möller points to political implications of solar geoengineering experiment

February 7, 2021

CSSN Scholar Ina Möller weighs in on solar geoengineering in NewScientist’s Fix the Planet newsletter.

“[Ina Möller] agrees with Keutsch that the initial flight will have “very little direct impact on the environment”. But she thinks the problem is the symbolic value of the milestone when material is released. “ SCoPEx would be the first instance in which an outdoor experimental set-up linked to stratospheric aerosol injection is executed. It would therefore cross a currently existing natural threshold – moving from indoor to outdoor experimentation – and open the door to further SAI experiments.” If the independent committee doesn’t impose limits, she fears “a real risk of inducing a slippery slope where one experiment will lead to another”.”

To learn more, take a look at the first position paper released by the Climate Social Science Network, in which CSSN Scholar Ina Möller explores the repercussions of a possible international standard for climate cooling particles.