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KTP Associate – Advertised Emission Impact Analyst

University of Portsmouth/ Purpose Disruptors

London, United Kingdom
    • Full Time
    • Academia / Education

Application Deadline

August 5, 2024

The Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Portsmouth, in collaboration with Purpose Disruptors Ltd, are seeking an innovative, motivated and experienced individual to develop the concept of Advertised Emissions into a rigorous and reputable global standard. You will be working at the intersection of climate, academia and advertising to support the climate transition in a creative industry.

The Role:

This is an exciting opportunity for a researcher who has earned their PhD who is looking to apply their acquired sustainability skills and knowledge, thereby contributing meaningfully to a field that could make a significant impact.

You will lead, facilitate and manage the KTP Project.
– Use academic rigour and research to advance the Advertised Emissions methodology
– Help facilitate and test emerging theories and ideas with the Advertised Emissions Working Group that includes climate experts, consultants and leaders and executives from the industry
– Use evidence-based data points to participate in advertising industry-level discussions and address challenging questions
– Use data modelling and analytics skills to add robustness to the methodology
– Design and develop sustainable business models for scaling the Advertised Emissions standard
– Engage and collaborate with stakeholders.

Contact Dr Karen Middleton for further information: karen.middleton@port.ac.uk