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‘No action on anything’: Australia increasingly isolated as US and others ramp up climate ambition

April 22, 2021

CSSN Scholar Christian Downie was quoted in the The Guardian on the need for Australia to shift its climate and energy priorities.

“Christian Downie, an associate professor in climate policy and foreign affairs at the Australian National University, said a China-US statement was significant as it showed the two countries were willing to work together on climate despite being at odds on other issues. The statement reiterated the Paris commitment to “pursue efforts to limit global heating to 1.5C”, and the countries said they both hoped this week’s summit would raise global efforts on climate mitigation, adaptation and support.

Downie said it was further evidence Australia’s position on the climate crisis was not credible. “You don’t have to take my word for it, you can just look at what John Kerry said about Australia not being on the same page on climate change,” he said.

The Australian government has a choice to continue to window dress its climate record and be lumped with laggards like Russia, Brazil and even Saudi Arabia or it can work alongside our closest ally to achieve significant climate targets and, most importantly, follow Biden’s lead in backing it up with a plan to get there.”