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Progress report in Political ecology II: Conjunctures, crises, and critical publics

July 15, 2021

CSSN Scholar Farhana Sultana analyzes how climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic stem from compounding capitalist and structural crises, and explores alternative pathways to shape the ‘new normal’ post-pandemic.


Political ecologists focus on power relations across scales to develop assessments of systems that produce and maintain crises, such as the overlapping conjunctural crises of the coronavirus pandemic and climate breakdown. Such analyses clarify processual and interconnecting factors, exposing the contours of uneven differentiations and coproductions, while offering possible alternative futures. This report engages recent scholarship wherein conjunctural analysis raises issues for how we understand socionatural processes and outcomes, lessons learned, and the exigencies of critical publics in academia and beyond.

Image Credit: blvdone / Shutterstock