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Aaron Pereira

Solid Sustainability Research

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After 4 years in activism around the climate and biodiversity crises and migration issues, I decided to make research into these topics my full-time job. Linda Knoester and I started Solid Sustainability Research, a bureau where we could conduct research into things we found important to today’s challenges. Last year we looked into public communications of oil and gas majors (greenwashing); we are currently coordinating a research effort into the involvement of Dutch academia with the fossil fuel industry.

Before starting work in research for the climate crisis I did my PhD in human-robot interaction at TU München and worked in space robotics research at the German Aerospace Centre and European Space Agency.

Country(ies) of Specialty

Germany Netherlands United Kingdom

Focus areas of expertise

Greenwashing Communications research Climate Justice

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My articles related to robotics can be found at my Google Scholar page.

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