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Andrew Tirrell

University of San Diego

Based in

United States

Andrew Tirrell is an associate professor in the department of Political Science and International Relations. He teaches a range of courses related to environmental politics, human rights, and sustainable development. His research focuses on environmental justice, natural resource management, marine policy, and the Arctic. His current projects engage with environmental politics in border regions, fisheries management policy, and the role of institutions in coupled human-natural systems.

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Book projects

Andrew Tirrell. “Sink or Swim? Sustainable Fishing, Climate Change, and Communities on the Edge.” (under contract with University of Nebraska Press).

Andrew Tirrell. “Borderline: Environmental Challenges at the Mexico-United States Border” (under contract with Lexington Books/Rowman and Littlefield Press).

Peer-reviewed Articles

Andrew Tirrell. 2021. “Bridge Organizations and New England Fisheries Management During the Trump Presidency.” Case Studies in the Environment–University of California Press 5, no. 1: 1235733.

Andrew Tirrell. 2017. “Sociocultural Institutions in Norwegian Fisheries Management.” Marine Policy, 77: 37-43.

Andrew Tirrell and Elizabeth Mendenhall. 2021. “Cruise Ships, Covid-19, and Coastal State Obligations.” Ocean Development and International Law 52, no. 2: 1-14.

Andrew Tirrell, Suzanne Walther, and Michael Bennett. 2021. “Transboundary Water and Paradiplomacy in the San Diego-Tijuana Binational Region.” The California Geographer: The Journal of the California Geographical Society 16, no. 1: 15-38.

Andrew Tirrell, Peyton Cordero, and Daisy Crane. 2021. “Addressing the Environment-Peacebuilding Nexus.” Peace Review 33, no. 4.

Book Chapters

Jon Marco Church, Andrew Tirrell, William Moomaw, and Olivier Ragueneau. 2022. “Sustainability,” in Routledge Handbook of Global Environmental Politics (2nd ed.), Routledge Press.

Andrew Tirrell. 2019. “Climate Change and Fisheries Politics.” in Climate Change and Ocean Governance: Politics and Policy for Threatened Seas, Cambridge University Press.