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Angel Hsu

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Based in

United States
North America

Angel Hsu is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and the Environment at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She is Founder and Director of the Data-Driven EnviroLab, an interdisciplinary research group that applies data-driven approaches to pressing environmental issues. Her research explores the intersection of science and policy and the use of data science to understand environmental sustainability, particularly in the areas of climate change and energy, urbanisation and air quality. She was a contributing author to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report and was a contributing author to a 2022 report released by the National Academy of Sciences on greenhouse gas emissions information necessary for decision making. In addition to publishing in academic journals, Dr. Hsu has been committed to public outreach and was a TED 2020 Climate Countdown Speaker and was recognized as a 2022 Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst and inaugural Grist 50 leader. She was also appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Clean Air. She holds a PhD in Environmental Policy from Yale University, an MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge, and a BS in Biology and BA in Political Science from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.

Country(ies) of Specialty

United States China Singapore

Focus areas of expertise

Greenwashing Climate policy and politics Net Zero Climate Justice

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