Photo of Angelica Wågström

Angelica Wågström

Chalmers University of Technology
Email angelica.wagstrom [at] chalmers [period/dot] se

Angelica Wågström’s research investigates sustainable energy transition from a social perspective, focusing on care work. Currently she conducts ethnographic research at a preschool and an ecovillage, exploring how energies and care are interlinked. Influencing theories are situated within energy humanities, feminist political ecology, and environmental sciences. Her background is in environmental sciences and human ecology.


Wågström Angelica. 2021. “Masculinisation and Isolation of the Swedish Anti-Nuclear Movement After 1980: A Call for Environmentalists to Learn from the Past.” In Pulé, PM., and Hultman, M. (eds.), Men, Masculinities, and Earth, pp. 247-267. London, Palgrave MacMillan.

Wågström, Angelica. 2018. “Vulnerability in the making? How intersectionality and masculinity theory can bring light to climate injustice in urban climate policy.” Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality and Diversity, Vol 4, No. 1.