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Antonio Prima Contreras

School of Environmental Science and Management, University of the Philippines Los Banos

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Dr. Antonio P. Contreras is a political scientist who specializes in political theory and analysis. His career spans a broad spectrum not only in terms of discipline but also in terms of his epistemological and methodological groundings.

His academic career has been a diverse array of areas that span the entire spectrum of the disciplines, from the very mathematical to the very post-modern. His master’s thesis in UPLB was on mathematical modelling of forest land-use allocation problems involving multiple stakeholders with competing goals. He taught hard-core quantitative courses at the CFNR. And then he went to his graduate studies at the University of Hawaii, took his second master’s and doctorate degrees in political science. Initially, he wanted to focus on public policy, but the dominant post-structuralist, post-modern, post-colonial and feminist orientation of his department has influenced him to refocus his academic path toward critical political theory and analysis. His doctoral dissertation was still focused on forestry, but it was an application of Michel Foucault’s genealogical analysis in inquiring into the evolution of the forestry policy discourse in the country.

Upon his return to UPLB and when he moved to DLSU, he began to expand his horizon to now include an analysis of politics in the context of everyday and ordinary lives of people, as he focused on popular culture, media and political communication, even as he continued conducting research and engaged in professional activities about the environment. His academic career, thus, spanned the spectrum from modelling forest land-use allocation problems to culture studies where he analyzed popular cultural texts such as soap operas and social media. He can be as mathematical as he can be post-modern and post-structural. He can analyze a problem using any of the optimization techniques in operations research and management, or the methods of discourse analysis.

In SESAM, he will focus his teaching, research and social engagement/extension on environmental security and diplomacy.

Dr. Contreras is both an academic and a vlogger. He publishes in academic journals as a scholar, even as he has his daily posts in Facebook and his thrice a week political vlog #UsapangPulitika where he endeavors to popularize political science topics. He also writes a column “On the Contrary” that appears thrice weekly in The Manila Times.


Country(ies) of Specialty

Philippines Thailand

Focus areas of expertise

Climate policy and politics Communications research Climate Justice Social Media

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