Photo of Caleb Scoville

Caleb Scoville

Tufts University
United States
Email: caleb.scoville [at] tufts [period/dot] edu

Caleb Scoville is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Tufts University with faculty affiliations in the Environmental Studies Program at Tufts and the Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion at the Weatherhead Center at Harvard University. He studies the politics of environmental knowledge. Caleb is particularly interested in how environmental problems take shape at the intersection of technical and political domains, focusing on biodiversity loss and water politics in California, how artificial intelligence technologies are shaping the field of environmental conservation in a changing climate, and how environmental problems become imbued with partisan significance in the American public sphere.

Caleb Scoville’s Website.


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Media Coverage

Caleb Scoville’s research on the Delta smelt controversy featured in Maven’s Notebook, “BAY-DELTA SCIENCE CONFERENCE: From California’s Water Wars to America’s Culture Wars: A Media Analysis of the Delta Smelt Controversy,” Maven’s Notebook. July 8, 2021.

Caleb Scoville’s research on the meaning of the right-wing mobilization of the delta smelt profiled by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership. “‘Entrepreneurs of political division’—not its actual impact on water policy—have turned the Delta smelt into a national scapefish,” Estuary Pearls, April 2021.

Caleb Scoville’s Twitter thread based on his research, “The Real Meaning of Trump’s ‘Bizarre’ Claims About California Water Politics,” contextualizing Trump’s claims about water in California covered and republished by Restore the Delta, Red Green and Blue, Daily Kos, and Maven’s Notebook, October 15, 2020.