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Carlos R.S. Milani

Rio de Janeiro State University
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Carlos R. S. Milani is Associate Professor at the Rio de Janeiro State University’s Institute for Social and Political Studies (IESP-UERJ) and a Senior Fellow with the Brazilian Scientific Development Council (CNPQ). He currently directs the Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change (, and his research includes (i) comparing climate change foreign policies (Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey) and (ii) science-policy relations, denialism and authoritarian nationalisms, particularly in Brazil.

Carlos R.S. Milani’s latest articles are available here.


Carlos R. S. Milani. 2020. “Covid-19 between Global Human Security and Ramping Authoritarian Nationalisms,” Geopolítica(s) Revista de estudios sobre espacio y poder (May 2020).

Carlos R. S. Milani. 2019. “Revitalizing Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Challenges in the Implementation of SDG 17 through South-south and Trilateral Cooperation in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey,” Mexico City: GIZ & AMEXCID (2019).

Media Coverage

Carlos R.S. Milani quoted by Eliane Oliveira and Janaína Figueiredo in Diplomacia das máscaras da China ganha força na América Latina contra o coronavírus,” O Globo, April 2, 2020.

Carlos R.S. Milani interviewed by Mathilde Blayo in La relation entre la France et la Brésil est plus forte que les tensions actuelles,” La Croix, August 28, 2019.

Brazil’s foreign policy on the couch,” Carlos R.S. Milani, Folha, August 8, 2019.