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Carola Klöck

Sciences Po Paris

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Carola Klöck (born Betzold) is assistant professor in political science at Sciences Po Paris. Her research is located at the interface of political science, human geography and development studies, and examines adaptation to climate change, and the politics of climate change more generally, with a special focus on small island states.

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Climate policy and politics Climate Justice Behavioral action

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Klöck, C. and M. Fink (eds.). Dealing with Climate Change on Small Islands: Towards Effective and Sustainable Adaptation. Göttingen: Göttingen University Press
Betzold, C. and F. Weiler. Development Aid and Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries. Palgrave Macmillan.
Klöck, C., Duvat, V. and P.D. Nunn. Maladaptive diffusion? The spread of hard protection to adapt to coastal erosion and flooding along island coasts in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Regional Environmental Change 22(4)
Klöck, C. and P.D. Nunn. Adaptation to Climate Change in Small Island Developing States: A Systematic Literature Review of Academic Research. Journal of Environment and Development 28(2): 196–218.