Photo of Christopher Kiyaseh

Christopher Kiyaseh

American University
United States
Email ck4799a [at] american [period/dot] edu

Christopher Kiyaseh is an M.A. Political Science Candidate at American University, School of Public Affairs in Washington D.C. His research explores the impact of climate change on the Arctic, focusing on governance, conflict, and institutions. Additionally, Christopher has researched the impact of extreme weather events and natural disasters on construction activity in Albania.

Professionally, Christopher has a background in open-source intelligence, cybersecurity, and mixed-method research. He is the co-author of The Economic Impact of Cyber Attacks on Municipalities. The white paper has been referenced by Forbes Magazine and Associated Press News.

Christopher is fluent in Arabic and intermediate in Albanian.

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Christopher K. Kiyaseh. 2022. “Climate Change, Opportunities and Obstacles: The Arctic Council, the Northwest Passage, and the Northern Sea Route.” *Submitted for Initial Review

Christopher K. Kiyaseh. 2022. “The Physical Impacts of Climate Change on the Arctic and their Role in Climate Policy.” *Submitted for Initial Review

Christopher K. Kiyaseh. 2022. “Treat Multiplier: The Impact of Climate Change on Construction Activity in Albania.” *Work in Progress