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Craig Callender

University of California San Diego

Based in

United States
North America

Craig Callender is the Tata Chancellor’s Professor of Philosophy. He is also a founder and director of the Institute for Practical Ethics, a former member of the ISC’s Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science, and president-elect of the Philosophy of Science association. A philosopher of science with many interests, he is increasingly turning to climate ethics, disinformation, and how the university can respond.

Country(ies) of Specialty

United States

Focus areas of expertise

Greenwashing History

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Callender, Craig. Fossil-Fuel Money is Warping Climate Research: Universities Must Require Full Funding Disclosure. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Sept 29, 2022.

Callender, Craig. The Normative Standard for Future Discounting. Australian Philosophical Review 2021, 227-253.

Callender, Craig. On the Horns of a Dilemma: Let the Northern White Rhino Vanish or Intervene? Ethics, Policy, and Environment 2021, 26(2), 318-332.