Photo of Dario Kenner

Dario Kenner

University of Sussex
United Kingdom
Email: dk405 [at] sussex [period/dot]

Dario Kenner’s website.


Dario Kenner and Richard Heede. 2021. “White knights, or horsemen of the apocalypse? Prospects for Big Oil to align emissions with a 1.5 °C pathway” Energy Research and Social Science (April 2021).

Dario Kenner. 2019. “Carbon Inequality. The Role of the Richest in Climate Change” (Routledge, 2019).

Media Coverage

Climate Home “Oil and gas avoided censure in Glasgow for the 26th time. Let’s not make it 27” by Dario Henner. November 16, 2021

Piece in The Hill features research by CSSN Scholars Dario Kenner and Richard Heede, “Climate action supporters: The fossil fuel industry is not your friend,” Oliveira A. The Hill. May 2, 2021.