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Dominic Hinde

University of Glasgow
Email: dominic.hinde [at] glasgow [period/dot]

I am a researcher and university lecturer in Media and Journalism studies with a particular emphasis on journalism practice as it relates to Climate Change. At the University of Glasgow I lecture on the graduate programme in International Journalism and previously worked as a foreign correspondent for British and American newspapers and radio.

In 2021 I will be publishing a new book, ‘Journalism in the Anthropocene’ with Palgrave MacMillan addressing key points of journalistic practice in an Anthropocene context. I am also engaged in several projects on Nordic media, and was previously a guest researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden.

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Peer reviewed articles

Hinde, D: “Narrative Ethics, Media and the Morality of the Ecological Modern: The Case of Sweden. Ecocene 1 (2) (2021)

Hinde,D: “Something super-wicked this way comes: Genre, emergency, expectation and learning to die in climate change Scotland. Humanities, 8(1) (2019).

Hinde, D: “It’s Our Environment: Two Terms of SNP Environmental Policy Scottish Affairs 25 (1) (2016).

In Press:

Hinde, D: “The Entangled Transition: Reporting oil decline in Aberdeen, Scotland.” Geohumanities.

Books and Book Chapters

Hinde, D: “Journalism as eschatology: Kairos and reporting a materially changed world” in Brodker, H & Morris, H (eds.) Climate Change, Journalism and Time. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (2021)


Hinde, D: Journalism in the Anthropocene: Palgrave Studies in Environmental Communication. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (2021)

Media Coverage

Dominic Hinde reports from Aberdeen on transition from oil to Renewables – “Aberdeen, known as Scotland’s “Texas” turns to green energy after oil boom turns to bus.” (USA Today, October 2017.) 

Dominic Hinde reports from Helsinki, Finland, on the move to car free cities. – “How one city plans to steer residents aware from driving.” (Global Post, September 26 2017) 

Dominic Hinde writes about Arctic developments, business and Climate Change for Bella Caledonia. “Climate Change Politics and the Arctic” (Bella Caledonia, 26 October 2015) 

Dominic Hinde carries out narrative fieldwork for the New Metropolitan project from Kiruna, Sweden. “Moving Mountains: Sweden’s plans to relocate a whole Arctic city.” (The New Metropolitan, 2015) 

Dominic Hinde writes about global media work. “Pitching the Anthropocene.” (Carson Center Making Track Series 2019)