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Emily Lynn Williams

University of California, Merced

Based in

United States
North America

Dr. Emily Williams is a postdoctoral scholar with the Sierra Nevada Research Institute and Climatology Lab at the University of California Merced. As both a climate attribution scientist and a social scientist, she works on issues related to climate change, climate justice, and responsibility. Her work involves the detection and attribution of climate change and industrial emissions on drought-related impacts, content analysis of corporate involvement in climate denial and obstruction, community-engaged research on climate change and fossil fuels, and examination of the disproportionate distribution of climate impacts and access to power. Her work has included the analysis of the role of the American electric utility industry in promoting climate denial, doubt, and delay, as well as quantifying the effect of human-caused climate change on drought in the Southwestern US. She received her PhD in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Country(ies) of Specialty

United States

Focus areas of expertise

Climate Justice Climate law and litigation Fossil fuels

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Williams, Emily L., et al. “The American electric utility industry’s role in promoting climate denial, doubt, and delay.” Environmental Research Letters 17.9 (2022): 094026.

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