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Ina Möller

Wageningen University and Research
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Ina Möller is assistant professor at Wageningen University and Research. She works on institutional complexity, legitimacy and the science-policy interface in regional and global climate and food governance. Her principal empirical focus has been the field of climate geoengineering and the way that this contested concept has become part of contemporary policy making, for example through carbon dioxide removal or ‘negative emissions technologies’. Other areas of study include the use of science in climate litigation, the impact of global models and scenarios on policy making, and the way in which actors navigate, use and shape environmental regimes.

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Media Coverage

Ina Möller points to political implications of solar geoengineering experiment in NewScientist’s Fix the Planet newsletter. February, 2021

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Ina Möller on the politics of climate geoengineering discussed in the Podcast “Finding Sustainability.” The Politics of Geoengineering and Climate Change,” Finding Sustainability Podcast, March 16, 2020.

Ina Möller’s research on unequal representation in climate engineering science discussed by Frank Biermann. Investigate ‘cooling down’ the Earth,” English summary by Utrecht University,  Dutch Newspaper De Volkskrant, Dutch National Radio NPO Radio 1, April 4, 2019.

Ina Möller’s research on the emerging politics of climate geoengineering, summarized in the online IR magazine E-International Relations, The Emerging Politics of Geoengineering,” E-International Relations, November 7, 2018.

Ina Möller’s research explaining core aspects of climate geoengineering, discussed on Swedish Youth Podcast “Miljöpodden.” Geoengineering. A scientific utopic way of solving climate change or a reality that we must deal with? Miljöpodden, January 12, 2017.