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Jacqueline Peel

University of Melbourne

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Professor Jacqueline Peel is a leading, internationally-recognised expert in the field of environmental and climate change law. Her scholarship on these topics encompasses international, transnational and national dimensions, as well as interdisciplinary aspects of the law/science relationship in the environmental field and risk regulation. Professor Peel is the author or co-author of several books and numerous articles on these topics. Professor Peel has been an active contributor to public policy formulation on climate change and environmental issues at the national and international level through her work on bodies such as the International Law Association’s Committee on Legal Principles Relating to Climate Change, the International Bar Association’s Working Group on a Model Statute for Climate Change Relief and the Australian Panel of Experts in Environmental Law. From 2019-2021, Professor Peel will serve as a Lead Author in WGIII of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change for its 6th Assessment Report. In addition to these roles, she has served on the Membership Committee of the American Society of International Law and as co-chair of its International Environmental Law interest group (2014-2017), and is currently Treasurer and an Executive Council member of the Australia New Zealand Society of International Law. She is a member of the Editorial Board for Transnational Environmental Law, the European Journal of Risk Regulation and the Yearbook of International Disaster Law.

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