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Janice Harvey

St. Thomas University
Email: jeharvey [at] stu [period/dot] ca

Janice Harvey is the Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Environment & Society and facilitator of the Faculty Environmental Research Network (FERN) at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick. She took up graduate studies and university teaching after 25 years working in policy advocacy in the environmental movement in Canada, receiving an MPhil in Policy Studies (PPE) and PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (2018) from the University of New Brunswick. Informed by her years in the environmental movement, her field of research is environmental/green politics, specifically discourses of unsustainability and climate activism as fourth wave environmentalism. Current research focuses on the hijacking of government climate change agendas by the nuclear industry.


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Conference papers

Tracking legitimacy in public discourse: 56 years of eco-political discourse in The Globe and Mail editorials.” Joint conference, Canadian Society of Ecological Economics (CANSEE) and Economics for the Anthropocene. Concordia University, October 20-22, 2017.

Cultural transformation and system paradigm shifts: Change dynamics towards an ecological political economy.’ Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE) Biennial Conference, ‘Sustaining the Commons: Ideas and Action for a Green Economy.’ York University, Toronto, ON, October 31-November 2, 2013.

Culture Change: Beyond Changing Light Bulbs.’ Presentation to the International Conference on De-growth in the Americas, May 13-19, 2012, Montreal, Quebec.


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Editorial work

J. Harvey with Wells, P. G., Daborn, G. R., Percy, J. A. & Rolston, S. J. (Eds.). 2004. “Health of the Bay of Fundy: Assessing key issues.” Proceedings of the 5th Bay of Fundy Science Workshop and Coastal Forum.  Environment Canada – Atlantic Region Occasional Report No. 21.

Policy Reports

J. Harvey with I. Milewski. 2005. “Salmon aquaculture in the Bay of Fundy: An unsustainable industry.” Fredericton: Conservation Council of New Brunswick.

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J. Harvey with R. Wilbur (Eds.). 1991. “Voices of the Bay: Reflections on Changing Times along Fundy Shores.” Fredericton, NB: Conservation Council of NB.

Media Coverage

In an opinion piece for The Hill Times, Janice Harvey argues that the crisis in Ukraine underscores the need to transition to renewable energy, “Fossil and nuclear energy regimes threaten global security.” The Hill Times (paywall), March 9, 2022. Also published in NB Media Co-op (open access) and L’Acadie Nouvelle (French, open access).

Janice Harvey’s research on discourses of unsustainability is reported on by Sophie Lavoie, “Janice Harvey explores the changing eco-political discourse in Canadian media.”  NB Media Co-op, Feb. 6, 2018.

Weekly political panelist, CBC Radio, NB. 2003-2008. This included serving as a commentator for election night coverage for a provincial election and a federal election.

A Civil Society (1996-2012). Weekly public affairs op-ed column, Telegraph Journal, Brunswick News, Saint John, NB, Banner.  Web link to selected archived columns.