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Joakim Kulin

Umeå University
Email joakim.kulin [at] umu [period/dot] se

Joakim Kulin is a research fellow (sociology) at Umeå University (Sweden). His research mainly focuses on how government institutions and political ideology shape public beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors in relation to the environment and climate change. He is currently involved in several research projects focusing (e.g.) on the role of government quality, political trust and nationalism (and rightwing populism) for climate policy attitudes, climate change skepticism and climate-relevant behaviors.

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Kulin, J., & Johansson Sevä, I. (2021). “Who do you trust? How trust in partial and impartial government institutions influences climate policy attitudes.” Climate Policy, 21(1): 33-46 (July 2020).

Kulin, J., & Johansson Sevä, I. (2021). “Quality of government and the relationship between environmental concern and pro-environmental behavior: a cross-national study.” Environmental Politics, 30(5), 727-752 (October 2020).

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