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Julien Olivier Beaulieu

Université de Sherbrooke

Based in

North America

Julien is a multidisciplinary researcher focussing on topics at the intersection of law, economics and the environment. In 2021, Julien published the first academic paper to provide a comprehensive assessment of the interactions between environmental policy and competition law in Canada, and in 2022, he published an extensive research report on the regulation of climate-washing in Québec and Canada. He is currently conducting research on emerging dimensions of greenwashing, including false or misleading claims relating to biodiversity, recyclability, ESG, and governmental performance. Some of his other research interests include nature-related financial regulation, corporate environmental responsibility, climate litigation and climate justice. Julien currently teaches the graduate courses of Advanced Business Law and Law and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Université de Sherbrooke in Canada. He is also affiliated with the Québec Center for Environmental Law (CQDE).

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Greenwashing Climate policy and politics Climate law and litigation Net Zero

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Beaulieu, Julien Olivier. Climate-Washing in Québec and Canada : How to Turn the Tide, 2022,

Beaulieu, Julien Olivier. “Green Competition: Introduction to the Interactions Between Competition and Environmental Policy in Canada” Canadian Competition Law Review, vol. 33, no. 2, 2021, pp.144-171.