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Kathie Treen

University of Exeter
United Kingdom
Email kt417 [at] exeter [period/dot]

Kathie Treen is currently studying for a PhD on Online Misinformation and Climate Change at the University of Exeter, UK. This is a multi-disciplinary PhD incorporating data science, quantitative social sciences, communications science and environmental politics. This PhD is a return to academia for Kathie after a number of years in industry following an MBA in 2010. Her MBA dissertation was titled ‘Measuring the Business Benefits of Social Initiatives’, and won the Hutton Prize for Excellence for promoting ethical behaviour and good governance.

Kathie Treen’s website.


Kathie M. d’I. Treen, Hywel T.P. Williams, & Saffron J. O’Neill. 2020. “Online Misinformation about Climate Change,” WIREs Climate Change (June 2020).

Media Coverage

How climate change misinformation spreads online,” Kathie M. d’l. Treen, Carbon Brief, June 26, 2020.

Kathie M. d’l. Treen’s research on online misinformation about climate change discussed in a post by Anthony Watts. “Anthony Watts Responds To A Paper On Climate Misinformation With Misinformation About The Paper“, Daily Kos, July 10, 2020.