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Ken Schell-Smith

Climate and Development Lab, Brown University

Based in

United States
North America

Ken Schell-Smith is a research assistant in Dr. Roberts’ Climate and Development Lab at Brown University. He studies the climate change countermovement in the United States, with Dr. Brulle as Principle Investigator. Ken is interested in analyzing negative contributions of neocolonial extractivism on environmental progress, as well as how neoliberalism presents in climate change denial in the Global South. In 2018, he was an intern for Groupe D’Intérêt Cooperatif et Économique du Terroir Teke, a Congolese non-profit focused on sustainable development, working on outreach to rural Congolese communities for an agroforestry project, Kongo Operation Sud Kwamouth 2025. Although he is currently on leave from undergraduate studies to focus on his work with Dr. Roberts and Dr. Brulle, he will graduate from Brown University in May 2022, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental studies and international affairs.

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