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Kevin Surprise

Mount Holyoke College
United States
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Kevin Surprise is a Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Studies at Mount Holyoke College, and holds a Ph.D. in Geography from Clark University. His research examines the political economy of climate change, with a focus on the politics and governance of solar geoengineering technologies. Recent research explores economic rationales, funding networks, and ideologies legitimizing solar geoengineering in climate policy, and the militarization of the technology as it relates to climate security. Kevin’s research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and published in the Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, Global Sustainability, and The Journal of Political Ecology.

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Media Coverage

Opinion piece by Kevin Surprise and Jennie Stephens, “Climate manipulation? Not all “solutions” should be advanced,” The Hill. April 18, 2021.

CSSN Scholars Kevin Surprise and Prakash Kashwan were quoted in Earther speaking about the recent National Academies report on solar geoengineering, The U.S. Is One Step Closer to Establishing a Research Program to Block the Sun. Earther, March 25,2021.

Kevin Surprise interviewed on solar geoengineering. Militarism, Green Capitalism, and the Normalization of Solar Geoengineering,” Terra Verde, August 28, 2020.