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Lluis de Nadal

Glasgow University

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United Kingdom

Lluis de Nadal is a Lecturer in Media, Culture and Society at Glasgow University. He received his PhD in Communications from Columbia University, where he worked on a project on populism digital media. Prior to this, he held a teaching fellowship at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at Warwick University and a graduate student fellowship at CELSA-Sorbonne in Paris. Currently, his research focuses on the intersection of populism and environmentalism. He is interested in understanding the appeal of ‘climate populism’ within rural communities that feel disengaged with, or threatened by, climate discourse.

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Communications research

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De Nadal, L. “Climate Change: Bad News for Populism? How the Rassemblement National Used COVID-19 to Promote Its Environmental Agenda.” Nationalities Papers (2022): 1-16.

De Nadal, L. “Spain’s VOX Party and the Rise of International Environmental Populism.” Green European Journal, 2021.