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Loredana Loy

Cornell University

Based in

United States
North America

Loredana Loy is a PhD candidate in sociology at Cornell University. She is interested in how cultural ideas interact with systems of power and politics to shape environmental policy and emerging transformative macro-trends. Her dissertation research refracts the challenge of environmental governance through the prism of stalled climate action, while in a new stream of research she focuses on the processes that affect the transition to a more sustainable consumption system.

Country(ies) of Specialty

United States

Focus areas of expertise

Climate policy and politics

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James Painter, J. Ettinger, D. C. Holmes, Loredana Loy, J. Pinto, L. M. Richardson, L. Thomas-Walters, K. Vowles, R. Wetts. “Climate Delay Discourses Persist in Global Climate Coverage: A Case Study of the Television Coverage of the IPCC’s 2021 Physical Science Report in Five Countries.” Forthcoming in Communications Earth & Environment.

Loredana Loy, 2022. Experts and climate change politicisation. A case study of the Environmental Protection Agency (1983–2015)Science and Public Policy.

Brulle RJ, Hall G, Loy L, Schell-Smith K. 2021. “Obstructing action: foundation funding and US climate change counter-movement organizations,” Climatic Change. 2021;166(1):17.

Loy, Loredana. “Channeling the Brand: The Tea Party Movement and Climate Change Policy” Under review.