Photo of Loredana Loy

Loredana Loy

Cornell University
United States
Email mll283 [at] cornell [period/dot] edu

Loredana Loy is a PhD Candidate in sociology at Cornell University. Her dissertation research is focused on the evolution of the climate change debate in the United States Congress and the role of governmental agencies in this process. Loredana also holds an MA in sociology from New York University and a BSc in economics from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania.

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Brulle RJ, Hall G, Loy L, Schell-Smith K. 2021. “Obstructing action: foundation funding and US climate change counter-movement organizations,” Climatic Change. 2021;166(1):17.

Loy, Loredana. “Channeling the Brand: The Tea Party Movement and Climate Change Policy” Under review.