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Michael Kranert

University of Southampton

Based in

United Kingdom

I am a linguist interested in comparative discourse analysis in English and German speaking countries. In order to analyse the influence of contextual differences on linguistic and discursive features, I use linguistic research methods from the field of discourse studies such as Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis, Political Lexicography, Critical Metaphor Theory and Ethnography of communication. In the interpretation stage, I discuss my findings against the background of historical and sociological insights. I have published widely on political discourses of the Third Way and on populist discourses.

Currently, I am working on a comparative project that studies policy discourse on Net Zero commitments at the level of local politics and devolved government, asking how (inter)national policy discourses get recontextualised when implemented in local politics, and how that can affect the effectiveness of global and local policies.

Country(ies) of Specialty

Austria Germany United Kingdom

Focus areas of expertise

Climate policy and politics Communications research Net Zero

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