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Nissrine Fariss

New Sorbonne University

Based in


I am a PhD student in Paris working on the corporatization of sustainability in the American energy industry since the 1970s. Due to the apparent impenetrability of petroleum companies, I have gone the oral history way. I have been chatting to industry insiders, climate scientists, skeptics, energy experts, consultants, activists, academic authors, and STS professors to understand the case (and lack thereof) for sustainability in the energy sector, from a sociological and at times philosophical lens. The objective is to build bridges between academia and big oil: often dismissed as a black box of jargon we can’t comprehend. I’m interested, in part, in deciphering the discourse around climate change and systems theory applied to the energy transition.

Current occupation: (part-time) TA Intro to Media Studies and TA Comparative Politics at Sciences Po, Reims and Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris.

Country(ies) of Specialty

United States

Focus areas of expertise

Greenwashing History Net Zero Fossil fuels

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