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Pradeep Nair

Central University of Himachal Pradesh, India

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Prof. Nair received his PhD from University of Lucknow, India in 2003 and is working as a Professor in New Media Studies and Director Research at Central University of Himachal Pradesh, India. He is presently a Future Earth Coasts Fellow (FEC). He is on the Roster of Expert of UNFCCC. His study focuses on Climate and Health Nexus, Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, Resilience, Governance and Policy. With a background in health communication, governance and policy studies, his research focus is on policy dynamics of cross-cutting societal issues, particularly how governments across the world address climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation.

His expertise in this area stems from his ability to work on the ground in meaningful ways with partners in government, industry, local communities and NGOs, and to connect that work to influence global policy, market and finance to advance work at scale.

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Climate policy and politics Communications research Climate Justice Scientific assessments

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