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Raul P. Lejano

New York University

Based in

United States
North America

Raul Lejano’s primary fields are that of Policy Analysis and Environmental Governance, with a special focus on environmental justice. His recent work has used a relational framework to trace the links between climate justice and social disconnectedness, leading to fieldwork with refugees and other marginalized communities. Raul’s work in policy analysis strives toward the ‘thick description’ of policy situations, including use of narrative methods for policy analysis. As a PhD student, he studied with Lloyd Shapley, Nobel Laureate in economics, on the equity of spatial siting decisions, and he maintains an active research interest in environmental equity. Raul’s recent, co-authored book, entitled The Power of Narrative: Climate Skepticism and the Deconstruction of Science, studies how discourse operates in deconstructing climate and fostering denial, but also how modernist climate discourse can alienate the Global South.

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