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Rhomir Samiley Yanquiling

London School of Economics

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United Kingdom

Rhomir Yanquiling is a climate change policy researcher, a local development professional, and an environmental lawyer, with cross-cutting experiences in policy, research, and local development projects. He has been a Climate Adaptation Finance Fellow (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management/Thailand Development Research Institute/IDRC) and a Keizo-Obuchi Research Fellow (UNESCO-Japan). He was also chosen to participate in the 2019 SWITCH-ASIA Circular Economy Leadership program jointly administered by the UNEP and Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) and the 2019 Accountable Resource Governance in Asia-Pacific by the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NGRI) and Gadja Mada University (Jakarta, Indonesia). He graduated with a Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development Studies (a joint academic consortium of Corvinus University of Budapest, University of Trento, University of Regensburg, and University of Ljubljana), and MSc in Water Management and Governance (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Netherlands). He also completed the “Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance” program of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Frankfurt, Germany). His research interest includes environmental and climate justice, rights of nature, sustainable public procurement and local sustainable development. He is currently an Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity in London School of Economics.

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Climate policy and politics Climate law and litigation Climate Justice Social movements

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Policy Brief

Yanquiling, Rhomir S. 2020. Analysis of the People’s Survival Fund: Insights on Climate Finance Delivery in the Philippines. Thailand Development Research Institute/Frankfurt School of Finance and Management/IDRC.

Blog Articles

The food waste problem: why the world should take notice. February 11, 2018. Available at: https://urbanizehub.com/food-waste-problem-why-world-should-take-notice/.

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Panel / Webinar Presentations

Yanquiling, Rhomir S. 2022. Rights of nature in freshwater and marine ecosystems. 11th Annual International Conference on the Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development. December 2022, United Nations Conference organized under the aegis of the United Nations Program for Harmony with Nature.

Yanquiling, Rhomir S. 2021. Unpacking Climate Adaptation Finance at the Local Level: The Case of People’s Survival Fund in the Philippines. 36th Webinar: SOLVE Inadequacy of Effective Community Adaptation Responses to Climate Change.  Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA). Laguna, Philippines.

Yanquiling, Rhomir S. 2021. Managing Climate Risk and Financing Adaptation: Emerging lessons from adaptation finance research in the global South. 6th Edition, Adaptation Futures. Newl Delhi, India. October 5-8.

Books / Journal Articles

Yanquiling, Rhomir S. 2021. Local and Global Perspectives in Climate Adaptation Finance. Prime Media e-Launch, 2017. ISBN: 978-1- 64255-726-8. February 2017. Texas: USA.

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