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Sarah Reiter

Vermont Law School

Based in

United States
North America

Sarah Reiter’s work spans research on the ocean’s seafloor to its uppermost polar region. A former meteorologist, she is particularly interested in the ocean-climate nexus. Her experience at NOAA, Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions, and Monterey Bay Aquarium contribute to her law and policy expertise. Sarah teaches environmental law courses and serves as the head of an observer delegation to the international climate negotiations. She holds a JD (Vermont Law School), a MS in Environmental Studies (College of Charleston), and a BS in Oceanography (U.S. Naval Academy). She is published in journals such as Science and the Stanford Environmental Law Journal.

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Megan Mach, Sarah Reiter, & Laura H. Good. 2015. “Managing a mess of cumulative effects: linking science and policy to create solutions,” Current: The Journal of Marine Education (June 2015).