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Shiran Victoria Shen

Stanford University

Based in

United States
North America

Shiran Victoria Shen is an interdisciplinary environmental scholar whose research explores the intersections of political science, public policy, environmental sciences, and engineering. She leads the China Energy Program at Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability’s Precourt Institute for Energy.

Her primary research pipeline investigates how incentives, institutions, and information influence climate and environmental actions at the governmental and group levels. Using political economy and public policy frameworks, she studies both policy-making and implementation. Her first book is The Political Regulation Wave: A Case of How Local Incentives Systematically Shape Air Quality in China (Cambridge University Press, 2022). In dissertation form, it was the recipient of two major association awards, the American Political Science Association’s Harold D. Lasswell Award and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management’s Ph.D. Dissertation Award. Earlier versions of its parts received the American Political Science Association’s Paul A. Sabatier Award for the best paper in science, technology & environmental politics and the Southern Political Science Association’s Malcolm Jewell Award for the best overall graduate student paper. She is currently working on a sequel on the emerging politics of climate mitigation and adaptation in China.

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Climate policy and politics

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