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Gizmodo: “Shell Just Got Wrecked in Dutch Court”

May 26, 2021

CSSN Scholar Harro van Asselt quoted in Gizmodo about the historic court ruling ordering Shell to slash emissions 45% by 2030.

From the article


“Like Urgenda, it’s absolutely historic,” Harro van Asselt, a law professor at the University of East Finland, said in an email, referring to the Shell case. […]

“Perhaps one unique aspect is the Dutch duty of care obligation, which can and has been interpreted in unexpected ways, first in the initial Urgenda ruling and now in the Shell case,” van Asselt said. “In addition, Dutch courts have commonly applied international human rights law at the national level, which helped in the more recent Urgenda rulings. The difference in the Shell case, however, is that human rights law creating obligations for enterprises—rather than governments—is much less established. The fact that also this body of law was of direct influence in the Shell case is, again, groundbreaking.”[…]

van Asselt noted that the case IEA report coming in quick succession “reinforces the message that companies and governments need to wind down fossil fuel production to achieve climate goals.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock by AzmanMD