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Resisting the Cynical Politics of Climate Negotiations

May 12, 2021

CSSN Scholar Prakash Kashwan, along with Praneeta Mudaliar, critique climate hypocrisy between and within global north and global south countries for a piece published by Planet Politics Institute.

“India has been right to raise the question of climate injustice between North and South, but climate justice within countries is equally compelling. […] When India claims to represent the interests of poor countries, it is pertinent to ask: which India is being represented in global politics? Is the India where the richest one per cent hold more than four times the total wealth of the 953 million people who make up the bottom 70 per cent of the country’s population? […] Nothing can replace the need for reducing luxury emissions linked to profligate consumption among the affluent sections in the global North..the rich countries owe carbon debt to the world’s poor people.”