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Marta Narberhaus

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Email mnarberhaus [at] uic [period/dot] es

Marta Narberhaus Martínez completed her PhD in Communications and is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Barcelona) and member of (Youth, Society and Communication Research Group) from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. At UPF, she collaborates with the project THINKClima. Marta’s main research interests are media literacy, journalism ethics, and information quality in audiovisual media.

Marta Narberhaus’s website.


Nuría Almiron, Max Boykoff, Marta Narberhaus, & Francisco Heras. 2020. “Dominant counter-frames in influential climate contrarian European think tanks,” Climatic Change (September 2020).